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A summer-tips for the homebound

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I’m spending my summer in Stockholm, unless I grab my pick & pack and go somewhere. Anyhow, you know when you go to a new city and everything is fresh, new, enticing and fun?

Well, I find myself, more often than seldom, wandering the streets of my beautiful hometown without really noticing it – I mainly see beautiful boys and my route from point A to point B.

So what I like to do is to think of myself as a newcomer. I notice all tiny shops, how the streets are built, the buildings, the cafés, as if I’ve never walked these streets before! A great song for you when doing so is:

Watermelon – Tom Rosenthal

Puts you in a curious random mode!

Snippets from my New York adventure:

IMG_5931 IMG_5942 IMG_6109 IMG_0865 IMG_0866 IMG_0923 IMG_6733 IMG_6827 IMG_6851



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Everyone who’s not in Sweden right now is missing out. I hope you suffer so hard from FOMO that you immediately book a ticket, get your ass over here and in the mean time boost our economy a little 😉


IMG_0763 IMG_0793 IMG_2537 IMG_2161 IMG_2292 IMG_2632 IMG_3230

Late bright nights, warm days, hungry eyes, smiling faces, sun-warm skin, people on the streets, lush nature – all in the colors of green, red, yellow & gold.

Ah summer. How good you are.


Tom Rosenthal – Go Solo

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You know some songs which simply connects to every neuron in your brain?

Last time this happened it was Take Me To Church, I was laying in my bed searching Spotify for songs, in the winter darkness, and there it was. It clicked with my brain.

Yesterday it happened again, with Go Solo – Tom Rosenthal. During my intervals last night, I listened to it, and fell down next to a tree and burst into tears. A young boy walked past me and probably thought I was taking a pee… Note to self: Have mental breakdowns in your house, but then again, the forest is so comforting…

Sometimes it’s necessary I guess, to just cry and feel everything intensely. Because even though it makes one feel like shit at the time, it usually turns around a couple of days after and suddenly happiness is the only emotion I know, and ever knew I had.

My song of summer 2015, and it speaks to me on a very deep level, considering I’m entering a new chapter of my life this autumn . Here is the very long version:


Romanticize the absent mind

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Summer. Has. Arrived. IIIIIIIIIIIHHHH!

That was my summer-scream. Began this day with a 45 minute walk with my dog. I stopped by a cliff and did some stretch/yoga-movements, stared out over the open water, sun touching my bed-swollen face, thinking: this day will be tremendous.

For 45 minutes I was nowhere in my mind, I was out in the open, still sleep-dazed and I was struck by how meditation, or simply walking, running, without being aware of one’s mind and thoughts is like a happy-pill.  A place where “worries” can’t enter. A place that can join me throughout the day and that I can re-enter whenever I want to.

People, go get that peace of mind. It will become your new lover.

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Love and war all at once

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And as Obama legalized same-sex marriage in all states, 3 terrorattacks happened in different ends of the world.

At the same time in Stockholm: Josie and her friend Elsa strolled around in Stockholm, touristing, smiling at each other, thinking this day is great, seemingly unbeknownst to what’s happening around the globe. I find it easy to feel ashamed or rather in disbelief of my own happiness. How safe we are here and how blissful life at our end is. Later that night in a cab, riding through Stureplan, the muslim driver states “100% against it”. He meant same-sex marriage. It took a lot from all of us in the cab to even try and grasp the fact that his religion clouds his thoughts of what humans are, and what love is, and how religion can shape your thoughts without the need of thinking for yourself.

Later at the night-club we danced, laughed, went ballistic over good songs, and stalled our dancing when bad songs flooded our ears.

I suppose life is all this, small, big, black, white, negative, positive. How situations are not to be evaluated from how important or non-important they are but rather appreciate the small and the big and never neglect nor compare my own experiences with what could be of more “value” – worldly speaking. Simply treasure all situations and happenings.

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Restless brain

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I’m yearning for adventure, new humans, old friends, laughter, adrenaline-kicks, the ocean, fast runs, sun, sunsets, sunrise, tanned soft skin, kisses, flirts, all smiles, summer-rain, hot weather, become short of breath because of someone, make someone short of breath because of me, breathe the air of the mountains, skinny-dip in mountain lakes and just scream and laugh and live because I can!

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