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Gold – azurblue – sun&run

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I dive into the water, everything quiet, tiny innocent jellyfishes stroking my body. I pick one up, look at it’s strange lump of a body and sends it back into the wild ocean. I run on the beach in my bikini, fall down into the stinking algae, scrape my knee, get back up and do cartwheels. Falsterbo is Mini-Greece for me, a brilliant place in Sweden where the summer is longer and day’s warmer.

The forest, long white beaches and the ocean are paradise on earth for me. I feel at such peace there. Caressed by natures gentle embrace. Can’t wait to go to Mallorca with mom and dad in a week to run, swim with the fishes and photograph everything beautiful.

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Daily, Photos

Days filled with fun, summer-time!

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These last couple of days have been jam-packed with truly fun and heart-warming happenings. Friends en masse, laughter, sun and fun! To remember it all…photobomb:

Started out with a fun night with a lady who has been home-bound for the last 2 years because she has gotten a tiny lil’ smiling cutiepie – a son that is. So we headed out for a wild night out. Ended up with her taking balloons from TGIF and jamming them into, first the subway and then the cab and all the way home. HAHA. It was hilarious to see people’s reactions. One guy took a balloon and sucked all the helium in and then we lost him….


Then it was work “week” Louise and I worked Mon, Tues + Wednesday and then on Thursday we had a sweet as sugar day by the pool…. aaaah. It felt like we were teleported to a luxury resort. Perks of having great neighbors 😀

Later that day I met with two of my darlings and spent the night chatting about everything and nothing and all in-between. T’was necessary for, me at least, to have a night of simply talking. Friends are the best sort of happy-pills.



Moving on to Jamie’s parents new house. #jawdrop What a stunner. AMAZING. We had the loveliest of nights, all us friends + new friends. We caught up and realized we were all rather grown up one way or the other. I notice it especially in the conversations and in the mutual respect everyone treat each other with. None of that teenage-drama nonsense. I wanted to stay on that balcony forever. The night was beautiful, low voices talking on the balcony mixed with high pitch dancing from the inside, craziness combined with abundance of love from all corners.

IMG_5874 IMG_5800 IMG_5814 IMG_5757 IMG_5840 IMG_5837 IMG_5858 IMG_5915Next morning 10.15: Josie wakes up. In fifteen minutes she’s supposed to be at a volleyball tournament…. Hungover and headachy… Got there and was everything but the best player in the team so to speak…We lost two, won one, but we scored 11-14 against the best team so we were pretty pleased, me and my team-mates. We were about 60 people, hamburgers were served and volleyballs too. Great day simply! Got home, slept and then off to next adventure which was a fiesta in the suburb. It was pleasant and fun. Got home about 2 and started packing for Skåne! And here I am now, all tired and content after a day of sun, swim, mucho working out and a tasty dinner.



Holy Summer

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Woke up, broke the fast, walked the dog, worked out, went to the beach, and now awaiting Loui Loui cuz we gonna chill by the pool 😎

My boss told me that a person who talks about the weather is completely uninteresting, so let me be that person:

THE WEATHER IS AMAZING!!!! And all I want to do is fish and monkey around.

Smell ya later. Literally, can’t remember the last time I was sweating from a 2 min bike-ride? Feels like I’ve been in a cave for 8 months in complete darkness, oh wait, I have. 😐


A summer-tips for the homebound

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I’m spending my summer in Stockholm, unless I grab my pick & pack and go somewhere. Anyhow, you know when you go to a new city and everything is fresh, new, enticing and fun?

Well, I find myself, more often than seldom, wandering the streets of my beautiful hometown without really noticing it – I mainly see beautiful boys and my route from point A to point B.

So what I like to do is to think of myself as a newcomer. I notice all tiny shops, how the streets are built, the buildings, the cafés, as if I’ve never walked these streets before! A great song for you when doing so is:

Watermelon – Tom Rosenthal

Puts you in a curious random mode!

Snippets from my New York adventure:

IMG_5931 IMG_5942 IMG_6109 IMG_0865 IMG_0866 IMG_0923 IMG_6733 IMG_6827 IMG_6851



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Everyone who’s not in Sweden right now is missing out. I hope you suffer so hard from FOMO that you immediately book a ticket, get your ass over here and in the mean time boost our economy a little 😉


IMG_0763 IMG_0793 IMG_2537 IMG_2161 IMG_2292 IMG_2632 IMG_3230

Late bright nights, warm days, hungry eyes, smiling faces, sun-warm skin, people on the streets, lush nature – all in the colors of green, red, yellow & gold.

Ah summer. How good you are.


Tom Rosenthal – Go Solo

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You know some songs which simply connects to every neuron in your brain?

Last time this happened it was Take Me To Church, I was laying in my bed searching Spotify for songs, in the winter darkness, and there it was. It clicked with my brain.

Yesterday it happened again, with Go Solo – Tom Rosenthal. During my intervals last night, I listened to it, and fell down next to a tree and burst into tears. A young boy walked past me and probably thought I was taking a pee… Note to self: Have mental breakdowns in your house, but then again, the forest is so comforting…

Sometimes it’s necessary I guess, to just cry and feel everything intensely. Because even though it makes one feel like shit at the time, it usually turns around a couple of days after and suddenly happiness is the only emotion I know, and ever knew I had.

My song of summer 2015, and it speaks to me on a very deep level, considering I’m entering a new chapter of my life this autumn . Here is the very long version:



Romanticize the absent mind

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Summer. Has. Arrived. IIIIIIIIIIIHHHH!

That was my summer-scream. Began this day with a 45 minute walk with my dog. I stopped by a cliff and did some stretch/yoga-movements, stared out over the open water, sun touching my bed-swollen face, thinking: this day will be tremendous.

For 45 minutes I was nowhere in my mind, I was out in the open, still sleep-dazed and I was struck by how meditation, or simply walking, running, without being aware of one’s mind and thoughts is like a happy-pill.  A place where “worries” can’t enter. A place that can join me throughout the day and that I can re-enter whenever I want to.

People, go get that peace of mind. It will become your new lover.

IMG_2537 IMG_1642 IMG_1671 IMG_1773