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Nature, a Double-Edged Sword

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She lures you in, seduces you with brisk air and long-sought-after golden rays of sun. She sprinkles the streets in leaves which hold all spectrums of colors, she hypnotizes you. Making one believe that life is a walk in a magical park where nothing evil can happen.

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She shows off all her best sides, fooling you into believing that the sky is an ever-changing canvas which she paints, only for you.


Now that she has your attention, she surprises you by showing another side of her, one that is seldom seen. The bittersweet combination of pastel clouds and teasing mirroring, which makes you want to jump into the ice-cold water. Along with colossal, uncanny bird’s nests hovering above ground. Gruesome and fair, all at once.

img_2748Dystopian clouds roll in over the sky and in over your mind. Leaving you with an eerie feeling of that perhaps the world is not as picturesque as it seemed. Could that be nature’s gift and curse? Its’ tendency to build castles in the air full of hopes, dreams and fantasies, only to, in the next moment, tear them apart, filling the air with reality.

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Reminding you of how nothing is ever constant, except from change.


Apocalyptic Delight

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We are striving in the light of pain
Thriving in apocalyptic delight
A life on the edge
desperately searching for magic
destructive behavior
The constant search for a savior
For at times, life is bleached
by the ruthlessness of

It’s senseless to believe
we’re only here for fertility
when everything circles our
minds ability

Tidings of pain from the south
makes the Western world seem vain
Yet the destruction increases
Nurtured by that
we move on

life is not all for nothing.


People Engineering

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A choice or two
My voice
Many others too
Engineering my thoughts
Setting them straight
Mend me into a social saint
Do this
Not that
Think this
Not that
Slowly losing the screws
Which held me
Made me
Filled now with nails
Of other people’s traits
The concept of I
Is now you
Your choice
Your voice



Cacophony Misfortune

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I can’t bear the sounds of the world,
how they catapult and throw themselves upon each other
combined into a hollow scream
containing all horror created by mankind

Ghastly moans from a neglected child
The solemn sigh from a lonely soul
A silent sob, one the citizens of the world
has heard too many times, from a mother
who has lost her child

The earth is forced to listen
but earth has no ears,
hence it does not care
We on the other hand, us, the humans,
we listen
but we choose not to care

– J


The Power of One Person

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And all of a sudden you start to feel,
certain things
It erupted from what one person said
Those words,
they make your being chime
A tingle,
you wake up
from sleep
you’ve been stirred alive
Those words,
cling to you like nothing before
You know,
they are your truth
A person,
evoked a spark of life
in you
Other beings can do that,
ability to
turn you into what you really are
Remind you,
of what is your core


Love, Never happened

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We tremble
As we stride through unknown territories
To the sound of ‘Harmony of Pheromonies’
We reach
As we speak quietly
For each other’s inner entirety
We seek
As we, eyes locked, gaze solemnly
For some sort of certainty
We test
As we tease in elation
For a higher state of affirmation

We find not
As we shake in confusion
Truth in this illusion


Passive Storm

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A passive storm sweeps in



Nothing happens

Nothing feels

Unfazed by momentum

Detached from all that usually sparks

A light

In minds

No whirlwinds here

No sunlight


A passive storm

On the verge of nothing

On the edge of everything