Salty Licorice Raspberry Chocolate Pod

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I agree! The picture is useless and the style of the dessert may not be as intriguing as food can be. BUT! Don’t fret, for this is an overload of yumminess.
Swedes are known for their abnormal interest in licorice, and my family is no exception, although we prefer the salty kind.

The gate to this delicious treat opens here:

First off:

  • 15 fresh dates
    2tbs peanutbutter
    1 teaspoon of pure vanilla-“powder”
    A pinch of salt

Blend, blend, blend, until your mixer is on fire. The “pods” as I call them should be smooth as a baby’s skin. Choose small compotiers (fancy word for dessert bowls), and shape your pods the way you want to. I made square ones, so for them to look less like elk-poop.

Second on:

  • Ah here’s the delight itself:
    1,5tbs Salty licorice powder (sugarfree)
    1,5dl (circa) Coconut Oil
    3tbs agave-syrup
    3tbs cocoa

Mix it all in a frying pan on low low low temperature, only if your coconut oil is hardened, if not, mix it in whatever bowl.

When done so, pour as much of the licorice chocolate sauce you’d like on top of the pod and let it stroke it’s sides till’ it is covered. Put it in the refrigerator and eat it when the chocolate is hardened but not hard! Add the raspberries and voilá! Indulge!

BEWARE: As usual I work without recipes (I create them mihi) and don’t really know how much of the ingredients I put into my creations, so taste, add ingredients, and double-taste, and add again till’ everything tastes right in your mouth.


Lack of: sugar, gluten, lactose, animal products

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