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Souweet Drink & Raw Snickers

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I know I’m not feeling well when I don’t even have the energy to think about not feeling well, nor consider a world outside my bedroom. Thanks for the Internet though ❤

My lungs are filled with slime (yeah, you’re welcome for that info), and my left lung is giving me a hard time – sending pain-signals every breath I take (every move I make, every single day, every time I pray….that one was obvious). 

Yesterday I felt better, hence had more energy, so I’d like to share two things:


All you need is:

  •  Ice cold water
  • Frozen Blueberries (and raspberries if you like)
  • A lemon

Pour the blueberries into the water, squeeze the lemon and you have the most magical mix between sweet and sour – SOUWEET!

Foto 2016-01-27 12 22 12.jpg

I feel for all of you non-Scandis who can’t read Icon Magazine (in the background), because, according to me, it’s the best magazine out there. It’s the perfect mix between beautiful design, interesting reportages as well as the human feel to it.

2. RAW SNICKERS – Your tastebuds shall die and go to heaven after this

Foto 2016-01-28 11 51 50.jpg

How to do the base

  • 10-12 fresh Medjool Dates 
  • 2 tablespoons of Lacuma-Powder (optional, it adds some fruity sweetness to it)
  • 1dl of Pecans 
  • A touch of Pure Vanilla Powder (optional)

Mix it up in a blender till it’s doughy. Then add 3dl of salted peanuts, blend a little so that they break, but don’t make them dissolve into the dough. Press the mixture out on baking paper in a rather slim container, you want the height of the snickers. Put into the freezer.

How to do the chocolate layer 

  • 4 tablespoons of Coconut Oil 
  • 4 tablespoons of Agave Syrup 
  • 3 tabespoons of Cocoa 
  • A pinch of Salt

Melt the cocount oil in a waterbath together with the other ingredients. Take it out when it’s smooth.

Bring out the base from the freezer and pour the chocolate on top. It’s preferable to let the base get really cold, that way the chocolate will freeze immediately on top and not become absorbed by the base-layer.

Tuck it into the freezer till’ the chocolate has frozen and then:


Free from: gluten, lactose, refined sugar


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Chic Peas Dressed in Coconut Milk


Apparently I live in an oasis of contradictions. I got home after having bought my last christmas gifts and was met by a big fat piece of pig, all greased up with mustard and spices, lying on the sink. I on the other hand was on a mission – I was about to cook my first vegan-dish, inspired by my friend Christophé.

I made a randomized recipe because that’s how I roll, so I can’t give you the exact details of what’s in it but since I put the effort in and edited my attempt at a “food-stilleben”, I hope you can at least power through and read the recipe. It tasted beautifully.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

230g of chickpeas





1 Red onion

Cayenne pepper (LOADS!!!)


Salt & P

Served with brown rice. 

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10 hours in the E.R

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Headed out last night for a run with my friend. I was going to teach him running technique and then do intervals. During the technique lesson I put down my left foot and pushed away and all I heard was:

Something went terribly wrong. It hurt of course but it was a surmountable pain. Anyways, my friend and I stopped working out and decided to go for thai-food. He has the worst sense of orientation on earth so he kind of dragged the limping me through the city, my foot pounding. Haha.

At 10 I went home but I could barely walk, so I decided to go to the hospital which is right by the subway. Little did I know there were 200 patients there waiting for ONE doctor. So I spent 11PM-9AM in that bed with poor moaning people around me. The end result was: No broken bones (thank God) but a bunch of ruptured ligaments….

I’m amazed that can even happen during a run? It’s not like I was climbing Mt. Everest – I was RUNNING. One of the most natural things for a human to do… Ridiculous.

What is more astonishing though is the fact that one person manages 200 patients together with a nurse and a sub-nurse. When I got to go home he had worked for 21 hours. Doctors are no super-humans. With those working hours and that little sleep how is he supposed to be clear in his head, make legit decisions and give the right diagnosis?

I thought more of Sweden. We pay reckless amounts of taxes, more than enough for a hospital to be able to have two doctors running at the same time, or at least have one á jour if the going gets tough.

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Apple – L(p)ie

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Oats, molten butter, sweetener, cinnamon – the recipe to heaven. Seriously.That’s why I created the Apple Lie! The simpliest easiest tastiest glouriousest recipe ever.

First: HEAT YOUR OVEN – 200°C

IMG_2999 IMG_3005

Apple Lie Recipe

4dl of Glutenfree Oats

1dl of melted salted butter

Amount = Satsfaction Lvl Reached – Agave Syrup or Honey

1 Apple – cut in pieces

Vanilla Sauce

1-2dl of Coconut Milk

Massive amount of Pure Vanilla

Agave Syrup

1 Egg White

How to:

Simply blend everything together from the first step. Place the apples in the tin first then pour the mixture over. It should be quite sticky. Mix all ingredients in the vanilla sauce with an electric handmixer. Put in oven till’ oats are brownish. Probably takes about 10-15 minutes.

Êt Voilá! A tasty deliciousness for you and your friends! 

Free from: Gluten, lactose, sugar

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Tangy Lime Tart by Hippie Lane

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We celebrated my forever-young father last Sunday and for that occasion I made a raw-cake. This time I did not come up with the recipe myself but created the cake, oh sorry, TART, from the Hippie Lane App. I was sceptic about the lime/avokado mixture but with some extra sweetener and vanilla I got rid of most of the avvo taste and it turned out to be a success! 

I will not share the recipe here of course because that would be a sneaky move but go ahead and download the Hippie Lane App!

All of my family and extended family was there and although hungover and not in my most attentive of moods I dwelled in the calm which surrounds a gathered family ❤


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Sweat Everyday as Matthew McConaughey Say

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I’m in New York on a cold winter’s day.
I’m in the audience of The Actor’s Studio with James Lipton.
The guest of today is Matthew McConaughey.
Lipton asks: ”Matthew, how do you stay so fit?”
Matthew replies: ”Nah, I don’t have a particular exercise-scheme but I do stick to one thing, and that’s to sweat every God damn day.”
Ever since that day my motto when it comes to working out has been, and this, no matter how tired I am, or feeling like I’m not in the mood:
”Sweat everyday as Matthew McConaughey say.”
Because what Matthew meant by that is to actively sweat everyday.
To actively sweat means taking a walk for 30 minutes which reduces your risk of heart failure, decreases your blood pressure and enhances your mental health.
To actively sweat means walking up the stairs in your condo and doing it 10 times instead of 1 which will take up 15 minutes of your day.
To actively sweat means buying a jumping rope and jump for 10 minutes everyday.
To actively sweat is losing physical energy and gaining mental energy.
If your intention is to live a life full of energy and live healthily for a long time then I encourage you to Sweat Everyday as Matthew McConaughey say. 
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Does the body have limits?

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Yesterday a friend of mine asked me to join her crossfit-program.
10min x2
First 10:
10 Tuck(?) jumps
10 dips
20 kb swings

Second 10:
40 overhead lunges w 10kg
30 box-jumps
20 mountain climbers
10 pushups

5 minutes into the first set, I was doomed. My pulse was raging. Every time I stood up my vision got blurry and the blood in my fingers, wasn’t there. I continued. 

“PUUUSH! You can do it! COME ON!” She screamed and I gave a puppy-eye look X3000 “please make it stop”. And that’s the thing. I am in charge. I am the one who can make it stop. Yet we continue, all of us who tend to push our bodies to its’ limit, in one way or the other. Because in our ignorance we believe we have no limits, because they can always be pushed. And that is what makes exercise a bliss. Minutes of complete control of oneself. Where the body overtakes the mind and where the super-ego is forced to step back to let ones id protrude.
I pushed limits yesterday. I realized I had nearly fainted when the world went black for a millisecond. Then I coughed blood because I guess a blood vessel burst within my lung. After that I forced my food to stay in the stomach when all I really wanted to do was puke all over the kettle bells.

Today I listen to my asthmatic lungs. They are screaming. They are damaged. They are muscles. And as all muscles do – they grow stronger after being damaged.

To put this pressure on one’s body is something I’d never do everyday. One of the most important lessons to learn when exercising and how to gain most out of it, is simply to allow the body to repair itself, and force one’s psyche to listen to the body and its needs. Needless to say, I do workout everyday, I sweat every damn day, because movement is fuel to the body and mind.

It does not matter if you are new to pushing your bodys’ limits, or in what way you do it. As long as you do. Always listen to your body and remember never to feel inferior when you see all the muscle-mountains/strengthy looking humans, roaming around in the gym, because your journey is yours and has nothing to do with anyone else. Regard the others in the gym as motivators, live off of their mental strength when you see them that day when you are feeling low on energy and not in the mood to even warm-up. We are a team, what differentiates us is that we have individual journeys.