Love & other stories

I’m in a new team in school, we’re doing a module called Business & Strategy (something something). We’ll get the brief tomorrow and so far so good, I am extremely curious about what we will be able to create together.

Lately I’ve been photographing commuters, they look so indifferent during their solo-time on the train and I love it.

After school I ended up on a stroll  at Slussen with a (not really) newly-found friend. We’ve been in the same class for three months, kind of clicked the first day, but since then we just haven’t gotten around to get to know each other.

We ended up at Espresso House, due to rain, where we sat and drank our exquisite Special Brews yadiayada and talked about ditten and datten, love, and behaviors, life-before-Hyper, and more love. There are no other situations I gain so much energy from than a deep one-on-one conversation.


Tomorrow I’m heading to Gothenburg with Jakie to attend Makers Academy “Learn to Code Workshop”. Not only stoked about all the things we will learn but also to see where pappa spends his days.

Have I mentioned my dad is the coolest one on earth? No? Well, he is a young 55-year old who, after running his own business Cint for 20 years, decided to step down as CEO and be his own boss, for real. The first thing he did was, apart from building a toilet in the outhouse, to sign up to a 12-week code-camp. Why? So he can build all those amazing ideas he has by himself!

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