An Artsy Interlude

For my birthday I got a visit to Artipelag, which is, as you might have figured out, art in the archipelago – outside of Stockholm. 

A huge venue initiated by the founders of Baby Björn. 

The light which shot through the enormous panorama windows was magical, as you can see here: 

 I am like a crow – thunderbolting towards everything shimmering in gold. 

Raspberry red and gold. Gah. Perfection overload in my head. 

After a delightful brunch (how pretentious of me) we headed to a Cirkus Cirkör show called Underart. A show full of trippy elements and mind-boggling acrobatics (couldn’t wait to get home and cart-wheel/handstand/headstand my butt off). 

Thank you mama and papa! 

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