A wonderful place called Skäret

Last week was spent at Skäret, Skåne, with Nils family.

I was excited and a tad skittish about hanging out with his family for the first time, but it all went fine without any major disasters. They took me on tours around the surroundings in his fathers Jaguar Mark  II from 1960-something, which was the first time ever that I sat in a car that old! The scenery over there is amazing, little hills, big forests, huge fields, flowers, fauna, the ocean and on top of all that – dramatic skies. We ate great food (a lot of fish), swam and explored!


I’m now initiated into the world of veteran cars, I was not aware of the bond the “veteran cars”-owners have, they wave to each other, they go to veteran-meetings etc. And apparently, if something breaks down in your car, like the battery, you can’t buy a new battery, no, it has to be (at least look like one) an old battery.


En route to celebrate this beautiful couple’s 30th wedding anniversary at Rut På Skäret.


Mila – The Stunner.


We visited Krapperups Castle which had a surrounding moat, a perfect garden AND koi-fishes in the pond!


Note to self: Don’t you ever again attempt to capture the starry sky when drunk. You’ll be left with going through 60 useless pictures.

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