Runner’s High

6th of Sep, Tuesday 

I have to tell you about a snippet of my night.

It started out with me negotiating with, well…me, whether I should go out and run or not, considering my painful achilles tendon. I voted for yes, “screw you AT, find another body to mess with”.

So I hit the streets and thereafter the trails. The AT hurt per usual the first couple of 200m but after some stretching it worked. Then I started running for real. I noticed how my legs worked like a sewing machine “Tatatatatata!” they went, and went and went and went. Wow. Carbs and resting is the key to speedy legs, I thought to myself.

This evening in Stockholm, Djurgården, was mindblowing. The clouds were pink, the sun burned like fire in the horizon, people were walking and talking. All and all an idyllic sight.

My body was pumping, breath flooding and I felt more alive than I have in a while. On my way back I stopped for a photo-session and was overtaken by a very fast girl in my age. I started running again and had a running man in front of me, the triathlon type of looker. When I caught up on him he, noticed me and started running faster. I simply kept my pace. I thought that he was in a rush now because this is the second girl who will take him.

I was right. For after a while he slowed down and I ran past him, he uttered “Damn, some very fit girls out tonight!”. I laughed and kept on pacing, embracing the tiredness in my body.  Eventually I came to a stop with endorphines spraying from my ears (Swedish expression). I felt high on life. So I shouted “WOOO!”.

On top of my joy I suddenly caught something with my eye. In the lights from the lamp-posts on the sidewalk next to a bigger road, I spied a man who had the most tremendous running style I’ve ever seen. His legs were not legs, they where wheels and with a complete stabile torso he took on meter by meter, fast as hell. I simply stopped in awe.  Straight after him came a sportscar, burning away, and I thought “Sure, man built that, but it will never be as impressive as the human body.”

When I came to my street I saw a 40+ man walking and tossing his american football in the air. I did not think much of it until I had passed him and, for some reason, looked back. I then saw that his ball was trapped in some really tall bushes. He looked at me, and I laughed in sympathy.

Then I spent 10 minutes with this man, the two of us trying to tackle  (literally tackling) this giant bush. We jumped, waved with a stick, tried to climb it. Nothing worked, until he found a strange looking fence and kind of brushed the bush with the fence, and PLOP, down came the ball. Everything appeared very comically. We high-fived and went on with our lives.


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