Changing times

I’ve been through a whirlwind of thoughts these past couple of weeks. In particular it’s been about one decision.
Negotiating with myself what the right move is, measuring pros and cons, seeking advice from everywhere. I’ve been searching for hints, something which could confirm or deter my choice. Then I took a decision. We’re going (my class) out on internship in November, for seven months. I’ve been working on my portfolio, which is far from done because I lost motivation, so instead I started to figure out my values and driving forces. Do I really want to be at a film production company? Yes, one day I do but not now, because an opportunity arose, a dream coming true. My friend and I are going to spend these seven months doing sketches, short-films and do jobs for other companies within film. I want to act, write manuscripts and realize my own/and others ideas with good friends.

These 7 months are going to put us and our abilities to test and it’s going to be horrifically wonderful. We’re doing our own thing and that sentence speaks to my core. It’s what I want to do. Build something from scratch, watch it grow and take on the challenges as they come.

“Carpe diem” “Yolo” “Follow your dreams” “Go hard or go home” – I’ve decided to do all that, because it can’t get worse than worst.

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