Film Adventure

My coffee is getting cold on my bedside-table. I’m underneath two covers in a hotel-room in Norrköping. I’ve just had breakfast with the two actors I’m filming with during this shortfilm. It’s my friend’s shortfilm and I’m proud of her, her first film and I am a part of it!

As we walked home from set at 11.30pm last night I told my co-actors: “Isn’t this amazing?! Here we are, the three of us, strangers to each other, walking on a cold night through Norrköping. Just like that.”  

And that’s what I love about film. It’s one big adventure. No matter how small or big the production is, one is guaranteed to get memories for life. And no matter how brief the shoot is, one is guaranteed to tie close-knit bonds with the people involved, because we share an experience no one else has been a part of. We are thrown into a team and we all have to make it work.

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