Love and war all at once

And as Obama legalized same-sex marriage in all states, 3 terrorattacks happened in different ends of the world.

At the same time in Stockholm: Josie and her friend Elsa strolled around in Stockholm, touristing, smiling at each other, thinking this day is great, seemingly unbeknownst to what’s happening around the globe. I find it easy to feel ashamed or rather in disbelief of my own happiness. How safe we are here and how blissful life at our end is. Later that night in a cab, riding through Stureplan, the muslim driver states “100% against it”. He meant same-sex marriage. It took a lot from all of us in the cab to even try and grasp the fact that his religion clouds his thoughts of what humans are, and what love is, and how religion can shape your thoughts without the need of thinking for yourself.

Later at the night-club we danced, laughed, went ballistic over good songs, and stalled our dancing when bad songs flooded our ears.

I suppose life is all this, small, big, black, white, negative, positive. How situations are not to be evaluated from how important or non-important they are but rather appreciate the small and the big and never neglect nor compare my own experiences with what could be of more “value” – worldly speaking. Simply treasure all situations and happenings.

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