Heavenly Layers – Perfect Cake Combo

For Godmother’s b-day, I came up with quite the cake! Let’s get to it:

Cake cake2 ckkLooks tasty?! Here’s how you create it:

1st layer: banana pancake: 1 egg 1 banana, cinnamon. Mix and fry!

2nd layer:

Coconut flakes (the small ones)
Honey or Agave Syrup
Coconut Oil
Mix about 200g cocos with all the ingredients in a frying pan till’ you have the perfect brown surface. Use quite an amount of sweetener, if you use too little the cocos won’t glue together. Bring forth oven paper or aluminium foil and place it over a plate – gives you a smooth surface to smear out the cocos on. Make sure it is an even layer. Put it in the refrigerator!

3rd layer: Banana pancake! Same routine as above.

4th layer:
200g Frozen raspberries
Pure vanilla (I use a small can with vanilla from the vanilla pod, minus the pods!)
1dl Coconut milk
Water – 1tbs
Blend it
Pour it into a small bowl and put it into the freezer.

On top:
1dl Coconut Oil
2-4tbs Cocoa (Depends on how strong you want it to be, taste it and you’ll know!)
Agave syrup – taste after demand
Mix it all together, if the coconut oil is hardened, blend it all in a frying pan on low heat.
Put aluminium foil over a plate and pour it out. Put into the freezer.

Choose a server of your likings. Bring out the coconut mix, and without crashing it, lift or slide it gently onto the plate. Then smear out the half-frozen raspberry mix onto it. See if the top-layer has hardened enough and then put it onto the frozen yoghurt.
Top it off with big coconut flakes!

ENJOY 😀 This is a made-up recipe and therefore I don’t know the exact amounts of ingredients used, use your cooking skills to determine when you think all layers taste good and then naturally, the cake will be good!

Free from: gluten, lactose, sugar, animal products (- honey)

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