Getting to know \\ A strangers blend

Those fragile moments, which seem like little eternities in themselves. When the conversation between the two of you is painstakingly nervous, both struggling to find the words, both longing to find out of the awkwardness, to find the connection you both so desperately need. 

As a bird flaps its’ wings, there it is, suddenly, flared up between you –

Something incommon. 

You smile shyly at each other and now wonder – where do we go from here? 

You both laugh and think about who will make the next move, so for the magic not to disappear. 

A scared trembling foot of one of you walks down the path, into the incommon. A daredevil of sorts. For this is risky, nothing is really at stake because no words in the world can destroy the silent connection the two of you already have, but nonetheless terrifying. 

Suddenly and out of nowhere the connection is locked. You both losen up, take risks, show more and more of yourselves. Hoping, wishing, thinking “please, like me anyway, no matter what I say”. 

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