22 hours and strange manboys

If sleep was unnecessary the days would be very, very, long. I woke up at 7 yesterday and fell asleep 5.30 the next morning. Bought a normal zoom lens EF 24-105mm after work and played around with my camera. I am beyond ecstatic. I mean the quality of the films and photos leaves me with infinite possibilities. Gadgetgasm I believe it is called…

I worked out, photographed some more, read my book, then went to Thompa around 9pm. We headed for a club, Södra Teatern, but the queue measured way beyond are patience and so we went to Debaser Slussen instead. There I met Anna with Co. We danced to some catchy older tunes and caught up on each other’s lives. After a while our legs took us to Musikaliska. It was my first time there and it was too little dancing going on for my taste but the venue encouraged meeting and talking to new people which is always interesting! At 3 the club called it a night. Anna tried to convince a couple of French, “IM SWISS!!!”, he said, pardon me, a couple of Swiss guys to let us ride in their cab without success.

Headed to Annas apt where we ate a little and pulled out my mattress. But in my drunk, tired-state of mind I decided to go home instead.

At the bus-station three guys came and stood by me. One of them said “She’s like one of the hottest I’ve ever seen” his friend (who had a blonde tail on high heels next to him) said “hah, no it isn’t”, “ehm yes…” he replied. And I stood there like what, a mannequin doll? Without ears? Come on guys, don’t talk about women/humans like as if they are not there. I can’t even imagine me and my friends doing that. We would probably start talking to the hot guy immediately instead, not talking over his head. He then started talking to me, sure, but I had no interest in being polite, and so I was seemingly stand-offish which he, of course, thought was weird, that I did not pay any more attention to him?! Oh my God! How dare she not?! I got on the bus and the three guys walked by, and the one with the blonde tail (his love-interest for the night), smashed his fist on the window where I sat. I have no explanation for his behavior. Is it really that tough for some men when a lady doesn’t pay attention to them? That they have to act like three year olds? I don’t have any other explanation for his manners… Jeez.

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