Shenanigan’s in the South of Sweden

Where white beaches live and tiny beach-cottages are situated, I feel at home. My family and I travel to Falsterbo/Skanör in Skåne every year and for the two past years Magnus, my sister’s boyfriend, and Nils have joined too, which adds to it even more. Nils and I have been a couple for more thanContinue reading “Shenanigan’s in the South of Sweden”

Not Too Cool For School

 I have a crush on school. Lucky me to have a crush on something hehe. Today was sweet, we are working with the other programs for a couple of weeks and meeting some of those guys was great, although it felt rough to pop the solitude-bubble of my class…=( We got to take part ofContinue reading “Not Too Cool For School”

22 hours and strange manboys

If sleep was unnecessary the days would be very, very, long. I woke up at 7 yesterday and fell asleep 5.30 the next morning. Bought a normal zoom lens EF 24-105mm after work and played around with my camera. I am beyond ecstatic. I mean the quality of the films and photos leaves me withContinue reading “22 hours and strange manboys”