What an intense week. We’ve been in a room with 250 people everyday, working with new humans all the time. The social brain has been on fire to say the least, partly because I had to try and understand how all the new acquaintances viewed things but also try to reach a conclusion in the tasks that were given to us. Felt kind of like an alien Thu and Fri due to fever. Now I know what it’s like being on top of my game in this setting when the inside is far down on the bottom – not beneficial nor fun….

Wednesday was incredibly fun though. Me and som classies headed to Tekniska Muséet where we roamed around like the children we are, laughed, made pranks, and played with interactive things.

Had a calm night at home last night to fuel up on energy but spent half of the night suffering from severe FOMO (fear of missing out for those of you who are not initiated). TODAY life feels easier! Heading to tha beach now. So long.

A strange morph animal :’D
We were born, we died, we resurrected.
Framily photo!

IMG_6969 IMG_6988

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