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Fun Friends and Urban Burners

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These past couple days have been amazing, despite feeling completely blue Sat-Wednesday. But then on Wednesday a bunch of my friends, from all different kind of circles, met up at Carmen. We said goodbye to one Indian who’s going to Amsterdam and Hi to our long lost friends that have been back in India for too many months.

Sonja looks like she’s checking someone out real bad.¬†



On Thursday Chris and I met up with a wonderful person who we’re helping filming her wedding-speech. Such a beautiful thing to take part in such a private project! Her love and happiness rubbed off on me big time.

After that it was time for a well-needed 24h hang with my girls! We went to Uppsala for a night. We ate baguettes with delicious toppings, drank cava and wine and then headed out for a fun night.
We started at Bierhaus, moved on to Shotluckan where they had really cool shots and we devoured them like horses devour grass.
With shots in our bellies we moved on to Flustret where we danced to the live-act, performed by Blackness!

The night was fun with a lot of dancing. The day after we had brekkie, talked, played cards and then we slothed our way back to Stockholm.

I arrived home, took a nap and then headed to Nils’s parents where we hung out for a while till’ the whole gang took an uber to Nobelberget to attend Urban Burn. My friends have an exhibition there now so we all have passes. It was neat to be in a place where people’s attitudes are all about openness, love and “being who one is”.


We were glittery and the sky was a rainbow.


Successful Play

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My kitchen is messy, so is my bed, my mind feels fuzzy and my skin feels dry. I’m trying to ignore the fact that I’ve slept for five hours and am constantly pulled between sinking down inbetween the sheets or take care of the things stated in the first sentence.

I celebrated my friend Kim’s b-day party last night and it was a blast. On my way home I tried to analyze what makes a party great. I believe it’s a combination of a chilled, yet engaged host. Someone who has arranged activities and decorations but is cool when it comes to things getting messy. The thing with last night was the way we played! We fought in the kitchen, ended up in a ping-pong ball war, I tried to hypnotize my friend with a balloon pendulum, we danced funny dances etc. Perhaps the epitome of a great party is simply when “adults” are given the opportunity and the room to play? Especially when the crowd is keen on feeding off of each other’s energies and responds in a playful manner when someone initiates some weirdness or fun.

Whatever it is, all I know is that I’m feelign extremely calm and happy after last night. Filled with love and laughter. Crazy friends are life.

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2017 starts today

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My 2017 starts today. Been slacking away since 2016 ūüėČ Let me share a joke:
Nils woke up with a sore throat today and when he said:
“It feels like I have a ton of snot in my¬†throat”
I answered
“Mmmm, I love that feeling of eating locally produced.” Probably my best joke so far in 2017.

Anyway. New Year’s was just as nice as I hoped it would be. Spent the evening at Felicia’s and Jockes and as usual they served amazing food and drinks and a great time in general. Sunday was spent in the sofa, on the floor, in bed, in front of anything close to watchable.

Some snapchat shenanigan’s of late:

Sonja couldn’t make it to New Year. She was stuck in 2016 so we made a video to reminisce her.


Some pics from New Year which include: a very cute friend, a crazy lovely Brit, the best hosts on earth and then my love. How infinitely happy I am to have him by my side.

Yesterday Nils and I went to Skogskyrkogården because I was in need of a small adventure. It was cold and ghastly but beautiful.


Oh and I’ve been witnessing some beautiful evening-skies from the roof-top.

What more? Any New Year’s resolutions? Not really, except from one thing that I’m going to let impregnate this year: Not give a shit. Which in my head means: be brave, seek opportunities and follow them through, contact people I’m curious about and not overthink my ideas.


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Relationship Paranoia

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Hello there!

My partner in crime, Chris, and I, have now released our first project that we made single-handedly together as Yadi Yada Pictures.

It turned out to become more of a shortfilm than a sketch, I guess that leaves us at “a longer sketch”. It was a blast filming it, equally fun releasing it and receiving such good response. I’m feeling supported by friends and family out there in the Internet-kingdom.

Take a look yourself:

Relationship Paranoia

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Summer Memories & the complexity of memory

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Summers tend to appear blurry, days vaporize into each other and create fuzzy memories. When did I do what? What happened when? Who was I with?  Thank you Steve Jobs for creating the smartphone so I can document whatever I want to in a jiffy and remember.

Speaking of this, I wonder if I, due to the invention of the smartphone, have gotten a worse memory? ¬†Thinking that I am less prone to remember things for myself, knowing that I always have my “buddy” in my pocket who remembers for me. Then the question is – what do I actually remember? Thinking back on¬†my summer, I have vivid memories of some occasions, and others are gone.

It’s interesting with memory since it seems to be very selective in what it chooses to remember, but it happens without my conscious interferance, so what is the dominant decision-maker in memory selection and why does it choose to remember some things but not others? ¬†This all adds up to if it is worth the effort to exercise ones¬†memory in order to remember more clearly, or is it OK to leave that up to a computer? Then to a more philosophical question – WHY is the need to remember so strong? Perhaps it is a type of receipt on that I have lived.

Anyhow, here is my summer in phone-shots. Starting from this last week to the beginning of summer.

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Midsummer Madness

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Arabo had been planning our midsummer feast for a whole week and when Midsummer’s day came, he, Pako and Sonja rolled into my kitchen with SO MUCH FOOD! The rest of the crew came at 4 and so we started eating + drinking en masse… ūüėČ Nils was game-leader and we played burnball, catching apples from buckets, frog-jump, and Norwegian drunkenness.

Here’s a photobomb from the day,¬†am working on the film as well. It’s difficult not to take a thousands of pictures/film of these beautiful friends of mine, hence I have some content to go through…


The best freaking Västerbottenpie any of us had ever tasted. Arabo is a master-chef.


Someone was sun-kissed.. ehrm ehrm, more like slapped.




It’s nice to see that my love for him was captured ‚̧


Boss ass bitches.


Ash, the curly one with yellow shirt, sure knows how to pose!


Look at this fairy…


We went out on a raid to find flowers and stole them from my neighbours…




V danced with the pole… ;)))


I was feeling it… Timmy was not =/


These guys lost and we all got to shoot them in their bums with the football.


The best fellas!


Don’t mess with him.


Drunken burnball was extremely fun. Highly recommended!




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The Youthful Longing for Nothing and More

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In Ghana I decided to live my life here in Sweden, more like I did there, which equals spending more money on food, drinks, events, activities, and in return get more experiences and fun-times.

These past weeks have been all about sun-bathing (because summer came to Sweden?!?!! WHAT?!) going out, eating out, going to school, working and spend a lot of time with friends and a sweetheart.


I don’t know how many times Sonja and I have said, in the past couple of weeks: “Life’s too good. When is the shitstorm coming?”¬†then we decided to simply enjoy all this goodiness without any scepticism.

Everything happens within a haze of hopes, dreams and lust for life. I see it in the eyes of my friends and in the conversations amongst us. A lot is cooking but we don’t know what it will boil down to, all these ideas, decisions and the several paths of life one could go down. Everyone has their own route and I love being a part of every single one’s own options and ideas.

I love being this age Рall the questioning, advicing, adventures, strange happenings, possibilities, downfalls and the uncertainty to it all. 

Down below follows some snippets of late:


Over ‘n’ out.¬†