I Have The Power Over Your Life

It’s a late Thursday-night. My mother and I are talking in the kitchen. Earlier this day our Dachshund, Snaps, with 15 years in his back, took a dump whilst he was eating. He also pees inside the house during night. When we go out on “walks” (50-100m long) he sniffs at one spot for such a long time that when he finally looks up again he is utterly confused about where he is, where I am, which direction he should be walking in, and what he was doing there in the first place.

When he wants to get into the house from the garden he sometimes whines with his head directed, not towards the door as one might think, but towards the wall next to the door.

All of these things happen with a cute looking expression on his face, and when he finally finds me again on our walks he comes running like a maniac, tail wagging, towards me.

Our discussion centered around how long he has left, but the undercurrent of our discussion was really: When is it humane/animane to end a life?

Now? Before his body starts turning on him for real and when he’s still happy-flappy without being in pain? Or, let his body do the job and take him down when it’s his time?

I have no answer.

Who am I to rule over someone’s life? Who am I to take him away from his life when his fire is still burning? Or is it burning?

15 years of friendship and love.

I have reached one conclusion in this and that is: The day when he shows no will to do anything – play, eat, walk or when he simply stops being curious, then it is time.

As of per usual when we talk about him, Snaps enters the room during our discussion, stretches, wags and looks at me. Okey, my friend, not now. But please be as clear when it actually is time, when you are ready to go.

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