Commercial Filming

Was yanked out of my sleep at 4.45 and headed to location at Mariatorget to shoot a commercial.

A quite easy shoot for me, few lines and what not, and despite that I got a tad nervous before we started. What’s interesting though is that as soon as I step in front of the camera, and into the situation that my character is in – the nervousness fades away.

The director worked in a manner which appeals to me. He is very straight-forward as a person and he did something which usually bothers me during the takes, but not this time because he did it with a very easy-going attitude: he continued rolling the tape and blurted out directions meanwhile till’ he got what he wanted or simply because he wanted to try something else.

The other main-character arrived late because, guess what!? His wife got labour-pains last night! So in between takes he checked his phone to see if anything new had happened – luckily nothing had.

Guten nacht.

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