Somewhere in a pile of a thousand post-its….

…millions of ideas and stress-hormones – you’ll find me.

Almost the whole class went to Hornhuset on Tuesday night to support our eccentric, brave, brilliant friend Hank to hear him sing with his band EVA on their first gig ever. He jumped up on the bar, jumped in a bed, took his shirt off (the audience forced him to – TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF!) and gave us one hell’a performance!

IMG_7785 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender 2

The rest of the week has looked like this: IMG_7816

Our new project is up and running. Our team had a rough start but after the TDS (team development session) yesterday we became the team I always had hopes of us becoming! Other than that my heart has been racing the whole week, I guess it’s stress, so now I’m doing my best to calm the f down and about to go out in the garage and build a computer-bed-table 😉

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