Our Independent Earth

There lies truth in the morning
All dark except from shimmers of golden rays
A humbleness to the world
As if it awoke for the first time
Unaware of the circle of past, present, future
Of its’ inhabitants
Of its’ issues
You are ill world
I’m not the first to tell you this
The citizens of You are murderers
You are the victim
Sometimes you bite back
With earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunamis, draught, flooding
But it’s not voluntarily, the biting back, is it?
It’s simply your course of life
You respond to impact
Just as us humans
& when you wake up in the morning, the torture continues
The truth lies in the silence of the sunrise
If it wasn’t for us you’d be quiet forever
But we make you bleed
Over and over again
We donate blood to each other
But who donates blood to you?
Who will save you?
If not, you?
When you become your savior
You’ll unknowingly kill us
This is your truth
That unbeknownst to you
You depend on nothing
and we depend on you
There lies your sincerity
There lies your truth

You are the true emperor of our World

Our World is You

– J

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