10 hours in the E.R

Headed out last night for a run with my friend. I was going to teach him running technique and then do intervals. During the technique lesson I put down my left foot and pushed away and all I heard was:

Something went terribly wrong. It hurt of course but it was a surmountable pain. Anyways, my friend and I stopped working out and decided to go for thai-food. He has the worst sense of orientation on earth so he kind of dragged the limping me through the city, my foot pounding. Haha.

At 10 I went home but I could barely walk, so I decided to go to the hospital which is right by the subway. Little did I know there were 200 patients there waiting for ONE doctor. So I spent 11PM-9AM in that bed with poor moaning people around me. The end result was: No broken bones (thank God) but a bunch of ruptured ligaments….

I’m amazed that can even happen during a run? It’s not like I was climbing Mt. Everest – I was RUNNING. One of the most natural things for a human to do… Ridiculous.

What is more astonishing though is the fact that one person manages 200 patients together with a nurse and a sub-nurse. When I got to go home he had worked for 21 hours. Doctors are no super-humans. With those working hours and that little sleep how is he supposed to be clear in his head, make legit decisions and give the right diagnosis?

I thought more of Sweden. We pay reckless amounts of taxes, more than enough for a hospital to be able to have two doctors running at the same time, or at least have one á jour if the going gets tough.

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