Foodshoppers – rethink!

Let’s say you are in love with someone. That love object of yours is intellectually appealing, funny, and makes you smile big time. BUT, your love’s skin is covered with moles. Not big ones or too many, but still, moles.

And why would that be a problem? You may think now, well, exactly, thank you for asking. 

Now, let’s say you love oranges, how they juice up your mouth, the lovely tang of sunshine that enters your body, fills you up with C-vitamine and makes your skin crawl with pleasure. When you bought that orange, was it spotless, shiny and physically appealing? Probably, because that’s how most grocery-store fruits look nowadays.

What if that orange would bring you all the pleasure written above, but it had moles on it’s skin, would you buy it? 

I entered my go-to supermarket today and noticed fruits and veggies with moles.  My first thought was, when I saw the fruits, “okey so I’m not buying that one” my second thought was: “but why wouldn’t I? It’s not like I’m eating the peel anyway and I might as well peel off that nasty piece of peel with a peeler.”

Thanks to some undercover information I know that this store is doing a marketing-attempt soon on shifting people’s mindsets about fruits/vegetables and the way they look. We are all creatures of habits and glossy foods that seem to come straight out of a photoshopped Vogue-cover have seen their last days. Stop eating with your eyes, think of the inside you superficial creature!

FullSizeRender 3
The beautiful fruit of today!

In Sweden every household throws away 1 out of 5 big bags of food per every shopping-round. The wasted food results in 1.9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide out in our atmosphere. These are of course not all fruits and veggies but imagine the impact it would have on the environment if we all started buying “ugly food”?

So I ask you, would you discard a loved one just because it has moles?

Did not think so.

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