Juggle life

Spent the day at Anna’s. This weekend I’ve been taking it abnormally chill. Felt like I ran into a tiny wall last Wednesday due to too many impressions and a brain which runs on top-speed with too little fuel. So I had to wind down.

Spent last night at Sonja’s, with play-dough. Haha. We made this fella’, or I did, the other’s gave up and started throwing dough on each other instead. Play-Dough must be the best invention ever for fidgety humans (like me) whom always have to do something with their hands.

FullSizeRender 7

FullSizeRender 6

Anna and I discussed that it’s a fine balance between juggling all pieces of life in a balanced way contra simply “juggle”, everything is equal to: school 8-5pm/work out/breathe/study/do side projects/work/have a social life/sleep enough etc.

We both have come to our senses about the fact that it’s not possible to do everything one wants to do without listening to one’s body. Give the body and mind a break once in a while and they will give you energy. Simple as that…? Or is it? When does it develop into something unmanageable? How do you know when it’s becoming too much? I’d say: Be attentive to the body’s signals, it tell’s you everything you need to know.

Stockholm appeared in its’ most dazzling autumn attire this afternoon.

FullSizeRender 5

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