A three weeks week

It is Monday, but my head tells me it is time for a weekend. It’s good for me to be at code-camp during the weekends and kind of teach myself to exclude the need for a longer rest from my brain. Because when I’ll start my own company or whatever, then there will be no rest. And so finding rest in tiny moments, I believe, is of huge importance.

It was really sweet to get an insight in test-driven programming and how back-end works. I don’t understand even 80% of it but what’s important is the glance into a new universe. I envy Jacob because he actually understands most of what we’re doing, the only thing I got a grip on was the User Scenarios, haha, mind me, writing code is fun, but writing is everything.

Heading over to school now to have a whole day’s workshop with Anton & Irene . Really stoked about seeing how they work, and how they land on an idea together.

Other than that I’m longing for some nature-adventures. These photos are from last summer in Sarek.




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