Gym-moans and a nice week

Yet another week has passed, surprise, surprise.

We’re making progress in our fictive business and it’s exciting to think of ourselves as a start-up.


Now I’m sitting at Barista, waiting for my train to depart, four german boys are sitting in front of me, looking all backpacker-ecstatic/”the world is ours”.

Nearly died on the treadmill today, did 8x2min, 14,2km/h tempo. Apart from that I noticed how much people bloody moan at the gym?! Some girl did yoga-exercises and moaned through her whole session. One man moaned when he stretched? I don’t really get it. One thing if you’re lifting heavily or running like a maniac then you can go all Venus Williams but stretching…Hm.

Another great gym-happening was when I walked into the bathroom after a girl had puked and not cleaned after her. Lovely <3333


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