My 2nd Commercial

“Amazing acting” “1 sec of screen-time and she simply nails it!” – Voices on Josefine’s Aftonbladet commercial.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-06 kl. 14.16.13

I hope you caught the sarcasm! This was my 2nd commerical shoot and what I can take out of my few experiences thus far is that they’re fast-paced, synchronized and incredibly thought-through during production (meaning – nothing is left to chance). That is a huge chunk of why I love acting, films and being on set – the teamwork. In my experience a functioning filmcrew is one of the most powerful teams on earth. A shoot is almost bound to fail in one way or the other and when it happens, everyone knows how to cope with it and save the day.

For example, during this shoot the other actor was delayed, because his wife went into frickin’ labour that same morning! So what did the team do? We shot all the surrounding scenes with the extras meanwhile. No rocket-science in that, but my point is that it could never have been made possible if the team isn’t flexible or on top of things.

I played a stressed-out bartender with no patience for inquisitive customers.

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