Life Right Now

Went to the doctor yesterday and got some hard-core asthma meds. Felt like a real junkie walking out of there with a band-aid, trembling body and a face as pale as the snow with halfmoons of purple beneath my eyes. Today is the first day in a week that I can breathe kind of properly and it’s beyond relief. I mean, my lungs are still screaming & creaking like old doors every breath I take but except from that – I’m fine. I also got a high dosage of cortison to break my fast with in the morning – yum!

So how’s life now? 

It’s exhilirating! I’m working on 3 projects, one is our main-project in school where we are transforming a pension company. I am the copywriter for another project – an app/website. And last but not least (the complete opposite, it’s HUGE) is for The Free Projects, where I am the social media manager as well as PR (if we’re mentioning roles).

We have a big fundraising event coming up the 27th of Feb at Sturecompagniet in Stockholm the 27th of Feb, come and dance with us, because “Why Not?” Link to event. 


On top of this I’m meeting another company for a job that will actually pay me something, which is always nice. And for myself I have a commercial idea that I will film this weekend if the weather allows it (I demand sun and frosty grounds), my novel and a scriptwriting collaboration.

I can by no means be sick any longer!



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