A day of everything

Started this day off with a casting for a commercial. I got to run around on a basket-court and felt very much at home (not with the basket, but the running). It’s my first casting where I get to be physically active and truly felt like the acting came more naturally since movement is kind of engraved into my DNA.

I then headed to school where we got divided into new teams and I chose a client which sparked my interest more than any other clients thus far – growingminds.se  http://www.battreskolor.se , all part of the Reinvent Learning Foundation . I hope to get to deep-dive into their research and talk to neuroscientists about their insights in the field and what they think is the ideal environment for kids to learn in. I’m still waiting for my approval/dismissal from antagning.se to see whether I will start studying Psychology I this semester or no… I really, really hope I will. Fingers crossed.

At 5pm I met up with my former team-mates at Nytorget 6, where we met with a couple of ICA-employees who wanted to show their appreciation for the concept we did for them by treating us with a dinner.

Now it’s time for a workout and some work for SnabbaSvar (if you want to do market research surveys, this is the service for you ;)) Gracelessly promoting!). 

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