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Our Hyper Island Graduation

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Between the 14th to 16th of June we had our graduation.

It started off on Wednesday with a reunion-breakfast. It was nuts seeing everyone again after 7 months apart. I was nervous, completely overly excited and of course, very happy.

We did our internship-presentations and Chris’s and mine made people laugh a lot = success! Hearing about everyone’s different experiences was incredibly useful for me since I haven’t been at a company. I got to learn about agency-hierarchy in London, idiot bosses in Amsterdam and about great company-culture in Copenhagen.

What struck me the most was how much everyone has grown. Same people, changed people.  Those who were nervous and insecure before were now filled with confidence and faith in themselves. Those who had that from the start were now filled with new learnings about themselves and what they want to do in this life.

On Friday we had reflection and a bunch of other traditions (many I can’t talk about because I don’t want to spoil it for other Hypers). The day transitioned into evening and we went to Färgfabriken to have dinner and party together.


Our visual sorceress ❤


Was completely baffled by this beauty and had to contain myself to not stalk her with the camera all night long.


My crazy partner in crime!


Kimbo and I ❤


In the midst of the sandwich is the best program manager anyone could ask for. The breads are two crunchy, intelligent beauties.


We all got the chance to honor a classmate. I got this fella. Did I tear up whilst reading my text about him? Yes.


That was the end of this journey and the beginning of the rest of our lives. The gratitude I feel for this Hyper experience and these humans, is colossal.

DMC17 – over n’ out. 

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First day of school…again

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Nervous excitement. Today is the beginning of Graduation Week at Hyper Island. We have not seen each other for 7 months and I am beyond stoked to meet everyone.

It’s the end of the beginning! The beginning of a life outside of school. Who knows, maybe I’ll start studying something again or just take courses (because we all know one has to keep the mind fresh).

All I’m feeling is:
HELLO NEW LIFE! It will be a pleasure to meet you.

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Long time no see

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Been up in my head lately and haven’t been able to put words to my thoughts, but I’m thinking I’m done with that now. Sick of thinking, better start doing instead. Hence I’m back here in my little digital home.

These past weeks I’ve been partying a lot, held our final presentation on our final project at Hyper, lost my bankcard & tried new birth control pills which messed up my mind. Now I have three weeks of “professional specialization” before internship which means I’m supposed to find a mentor, make a plan of my internship with Chris and yadiyada. I’m yearning for NYC though, so I might go on a weekend there to visit my favorite Italian, Elena. ❤

So, a photobomb:



A day of everything

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Started this day off with a casting for a commercial. I got to run around on a basket-court and felt very much at home (not with the basket, but the running). It’s my first casting where I get to be physically active and truly felt like the acting came more naturally since movement is kind of engraved into my DNA.

I then headed to school where we got divided into new teams and I chose a client which sparked my interest more than any other clients thus far – growingminds.se  http://www.battreskolor.se , all part of the Reinvent Learning Foundation . I hope to get to deep-dive into their research and talk to neuroscientists about their insights in the field and what they think is the ideal environment for kids to learn in. I’m still waiting for my approval/dismissal from antagning.se to see whether I will start studying Psychology I this semester or no… I really, really hope I will. Fingers crossed.

At 5pm I met up with my former team-mates at Nytorget 6, where we met with a couple of ICA-employees who wanted to show their appreciation for the concept we did for them by treating us with a dinner.

Now it’s time for a workout and some work for SnabbaSvar (if you want to do market research surveys, this is the service for you ;)) Gracelessly promoting!). 

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Destruct to reconstruct

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This headline could have been the beginning to one of my highly acclaimed poems but nah 😉 It’s all about the moving-in chaos that I currently live in. BUT, my bed is here, the sofa arrived today (currently sitting in it m m m), school’s out on Friday and summer is here! Life is friggin’ good. Can’t wait to start sharing my space with my friends and go on wild adventures this summer.

First of all, my team and I won the ICA-hack. Which felt great – first time I’ve ever won a hack at Hyper.


Regarding the reconstruction, this was my livingroom wall when I moved in. Bye green forever, now it’s in a cool grey color painted with Jotun’s mineral-color.


N has been a gem throughout the whole moving-process and helped me with so much. To thank him I let him write his name over one of my walls, just as a memory. JK. IMG_0796

My fambam came by and we had coffee on the floor and soon I can invite them over to MY place for dinner. How sick is that?!?!


Don’t think I need to comment on this picture more than: He’s mine. ;))


We had a mega-celebration dinner for Magnus, Jake and Hank on Mother’s Day (don’t worry, mom was celebrated accordingly). What a treat it was to be ALL of us, girlfriends/boyfriends/extended family, in one room for one night.


Last Wednesday was a day of events. Firstly Cam and I went to Start-Up Grind to listen to Natalia Brzezinski (did I get that right?) which was interesting, what a ball of energy she is! Afterwards, after having struggled with our useless navigation-skills, we found our way to Brandstationen where my team-mate, friend and photographer Nicolina Knapp had an exhibition. So proud of her, making her way to the top!


Lastly, my gang came by my apartamento. Felt such bliss during that night, to just sit down, catch-up and talk for ages. We ended the evening with laying flat on my floor chanting some Indian meditation-chants. Questionable. I know.


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Of late

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Today is the day! Meeting with the broker at 9 to sign and get the keys. Afterwards I’m heading to school to present for ICA and then I’m rushing back home to pack up some of my things, run to the store and buy paint. Because tomorrow – PAINTMANIA KICKS OFF! 

Of late:


These two on a dramatic night!


Coop is running the ad which I am the front-figure of, all over the place. Got a friggin shock when I drove into my usual store and found myself on what, like 8 different signs!? Felt like a bad dream, JOSIES EVERYWHERE!!!


Our class was cute one sunny day and sang for our PM. We were waiting outside for half an hour, and everytime someone walked out the door we started screaming happy birthday to them, and it was funny to see how happy people became! Felt like we were mood-up minions, hired to lift people’s spirits ❤ It’s about two weeks left now of my first year at Hyper. What a journey it has been.

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Mash Up of Lately

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Lately I’ve been in school finishing our project for SPP. The presentation was yesterday and we kicked ass! Literally so proud of our team and what we accomplished together. All my classies were out celebrating last night but I was hungover and tired as hell from the night before and stayed in like a true retiree… You become what you think, or something 😉

I’ve also gotten to experience many fabulous mornings and family-gatherings!

Foto 2016-02-01 07 31 41Foto 2016-02-06 19 18 52Can you tell they’re brothers? Foto 2016-02-13 21 26 08

My uncle’s wife held a beautiful, teary speech when we celebrated his 50’s.

Foto 2016-02-17 07 31 11Foto 2016-02-17 07 33 43Foto 2016-02-19 06 59 32