Exciting week ahead

New week. New adventures.

So, what’s up? 

This week is going to be filled with work 9-4/5/6 with Chris – internship starts NOW. He’s here in 30min btw and I am still struggling with getting sleepdust out of my eyes. It is so difficult to get up nowadays when the world is pitch black.

Tonight, my classmate is playing at Obaren with his band, they’re called Diskopunk. GO check them out because they’re gonna be everywhere soon! They are on fire =)

Tomorrow I’m heading out for dinner with a bunch and afterwards we’re going to see Tom Odell. IIIIH! Nils gave it to me for my birthday ❤ Last time I saw him was when Elena and I crashed a dinner-concert in New York and somehow we managed to get a table. We watched him make love to the piano and swooned over him all the way back to Brooklyn.

Then on Saturday I’m having a birthday-dinner with my friends.

Now I better gtfup before Chris comes.


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