Running our own bizniz

I’m going to be that Swede now, nagging about the weather. BUT JEEEZ?! I don’t think the sun rose today, it’s been raining continuously since 8AM, it’s dark outside and it’s 3.35pm, remind me again of why I live here?

My week has been absurdly calm. My partner in crime is ill so we haven’t worked, but that’s fine because internship officially starts on Monday. Oh! Btw…OUR COMPANY GOT REGISTERED AND APPROVED YESTERDAY! I present to you:

Yadi Yada Pictures

Feeling oddly proud, considering we haven’t done much, but with our fighting spirits and idea-puking-bombastic-minds I know we’re going to make this great, no matter the end-result.  It’s a dream come true this, running my own company and shiit. On Monday we’re visiting our could-be office and on Wednesday I went to an AW + tour at The Castle – an amazing co-working space with gymnastic rings in the ceiling, needless to say, I was sold. That’ll be for later though. For now we need our own little hub where we can laugh and rant about manuscripts without disturbing anyone.

Some fragments of late

The weather got cold enough for the come-back of the bearpussy (hehe). It’s hiding on top of my head.
An out-take from the shortfilm shoot. Yup. That’s a salmon.
N and I had the coziest day when it snowed 40cm, commuting was impossible and schools were shut down. He made me soup ❤
N and I bought a waffle-bowl iron and a toast-maker and had a delish brunch. 100kr/machine at Kjell & Co – TIP!!!
Cute pap and sis on father’s day.
Handsome man in my kitchen.


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