19 drafts in my pocket

I’ve 19 drafts lying around in this blog, 9 of which were created this week. I can’t seem to find my words, nor my language, nor my inspiration or flow. Perhaps I’m encumbered with self-doubt or some other human annoyance.

Last night, Chris and I went on christmas-holiday. We celebrated our first month working together with a beer and a glass of wine at Bird, discussing our upcoming project and how the journey has been so far.

This christmas I’ll take my time to sit in silence, go on long walks in nature, read a lot and not let myself become engulfed in social media or some series I don’t really like. I’ll hug my friends and listen more than I talk. I’ll be with my family and reconnect with my siblings.

I’m incredibly excited for christmas tomorrow. I can’t WAIT till I get to give my gifts. Especially the one to Nils.

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