Merry Christmas

It’s christmas morning and Nils just left for work. I’m drinking coffee in bed, listening to my new Dali-Katch loudspeaker which I just got from Nils. He’s taught me to appreciate good sound and now I feel like just sitting here all day, “Dali-Katch and chill”. The sound is so clear. FullSizeRender 14.jpg

I’ve been so eager to give Nils his gift, which is to go see Bon Iver in Luxembourg, now, finally, I got to give it! He became very happy 😀 I made a puzzle for him, because nothing should be easy.


Yesterday afternoon, the best of humans gathered in my livingroom. I love christmas because that means my mates come home from their respective student-cities. We chatted away, caught up and ate gingerbread. We were in the same room for five minutes before some had to go, so of course, we took group-photos to eternalize this moment. img_9389img_9393img_9406img_9410img_9417e got some neck-scratching.

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