Snapchat Bonanza

Let’s start with saying – I love snapchat. I’m a frequent user and think it’s a neat way of coming closer to your friends when one can’t meet them all too often… =( Here are some from the past couple of weeks!

Who blows up a pick of them and their dark rings voluntarily? Well, I do. Don’t think I slept much that week… Or you know, could be the winter that’s taken a toll on me.


Had a cozy night with Camilla at Daphne’s, she was looking gorgeous per usual.


Carro made this epic brunch to me and Ebba ❤ img_b3a2fd9720d5-1

Stumbled upon this on my way home one day. It still bugs me to this day that I have no idea what happened. Did he throw out her clothes when his girlfriend came home? Did she throw some other girl’s clothes out? Did someone sleepwalk and thought the bush was a wardrobe? The funny thing is that the clothes were still hanging on one week after. I can only assume that someone is still running around naked. img_c96b9f7591e3-1

I don’t know what to call this, it’s not sexting, it’s more like gifexting? Is that a thing? Now it is. Nils and I had fun with it anyway. Not very sexy at all actually.


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