Windows in the clouds

Beneath the heavy cloud blanket are people with gloomy faces. Some attempt to smile, but most succumb to the pressing darkness.
In the news, scientists report that we’re more prone to becoming depressed, that the lack of light disrupts our sleeping patterns and that we’re more drawn to sugar because of it.

We haven’t seen the sun in a month.
The superstitious ones will say it’s because we took corona too lightly, that the darkest december in 83 years is a punishment for our liberal mindsets.
Whereas the more pragmatic ones, those who are up for the challenge, see it as the ultimate test, can you manage and maintain a bright mind and a positive outlook in darkness? If I could, I’d place windows in the clouds, just to get a glimpse of the energetic light.

I think about how these situations make us seem more like the animals we are, how our physical dependencies take away some of our human, chimerical superiority.
How it emphasizes that we, after all, are simply creatures of light who feel sad when it’s taken away from us.

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