Our Wonky Digital Consciousness

We’re experiencing from screens;

human, animal, machine.

I feel like I’ve been to the US, Africa and Asia, I sure make references as if I would’ve.

I pluck a vague memory from a series made in anywhere, which faulty leads me to believe, this, what I see, is how it must be there.

I feel like I’ve swum with sharks, stroked the pyramids and shook hands with Attenborough.

But wait, I’m still on furlough?

As we were locked up from reality we got locked by fiction.

Nothing new really, but I wonder –

will a time come when we stop differentiating between the two?

Does this mean your reality is mine… too?

Or where do I draw the line between reality, fiction and time spent in both of them?


Why are my memories a mush of Kardashian’s stash and my grandmother’s potato mash?

And why do I refer to meme accounts as if they were people, friend’s even?

Can brains sustain if they are kept in chains smouldered by input that’s insane?

Because it is if you think about it, I know you have, all these people you scroll and stop by every day – you don’t see them as living beings say? No more than you would fictional characters in a series.

So tell me, if your real life mostly takes place in a digital space – is your perceived reality actually fiction?

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