I found my smile in Paris

The vibrant swaying of the bass-strings, they lure me in until I’m thrown out and caught by the whimsical beating of the drums. Rhythmic, never harmful. Dumbfounded, I smile.  I watch the drummer as I imitate his moves with my arms. In response, he raises an eyebrow in amused confusion. I’m swept up by theContinue reading “I found my smile in Paris”

The Talks

I want to encourage anyone interested in art/film/music/food/ yadiyada to explore this: http://the-talks.com An online magazine created by Johannes Bonke and Sven Schumann. They meet with inspiring people and ask interesting questions. Great reads and for me it’s interesting to get to dive into the mind’s of hotshots within each area. Here’s the interview with MerylContinue reading “The Talks”

Tom Rosenthal – Go Solo

You know some songs which simply connects to every neuron in your brain? Last time this happened it was Take Me To Church, I was laying in my bed searching Spotify for songs, in the winter darkness, and there it was. It clicked with my brain. Yesterday it happened again, with Go Solo – Tom Rosenthal.Continue reading “Tom Rosenthal – Go Solo”