A summer-tips for the homebound

I’m spending my summer in Stockholm, unless I grab my pick & pack and go somewhere. Anyhow, you know when you go to a new city and everything is fresh, new, enticing and fun?

Well, I find myself, more often than seldom, wandering the streets of my beautiful hometown without really noticing it – I mainly see beautiful boys and my route from point A to point B.

So what I like to do is to think of myself as a newcomer. I notice all tiny shops, how the streets are built, the buildings, the cafés, as if I’ve never walked these streets before! A great song for you when doing so is:

Watermelon – Tom Rosenthal

Puts you in a curious random mode!

Snippets from my New York adventure:

IMG_5931 IMG_5942 IMG_6109 IMG_0865 IMG_0866 IMG_0923 IMG_6733 IMG_6827 IMG_6851

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