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Midsummer Madness

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Arabo had been planning our midsummer feast for a whole week and when Midsummer’s day came, he, Pako and Sonja rolled into my kitchen with SO MUCH FOOD! The rest of the crew came at 4 and so we started eating + drinking en masse… ūüėČ Nils was game-leader and we played burnball, catching apples from buckets, frog-jump, and Norwegian drunkenness.

Here’s a photobomb from the day,¬†am working on the film as well. It’s difficult not to take a thousands of pictures/film of these beautiful friends of mine, hence I have some content to go through…


The best freaking Västerbottenpie any of us had ever tasted. Arabo is a master-chef.


Someone was sun-kissed.. ehrm ehrm, more like slapped.




It’s nice to see that my love for him was captured ‚̧


Boss ass bitches.


Ash, the curly one with yellow shirt, sure knows how to pose!


Look at this fairy…


We went out on a raid to find flowers and stole them from my neighbours…




V danced with the pole… ;)))


I was feeling it… Timmy was not =/


These guys lost and we all got to shoot them in their bums with the football.


The best fellas!


Don’t mess with him.


Drunken burnball was extremely fun. Highly recommended!




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Hotel J with J and N

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He told me not to book anything in¬†on¬†the 12th of June and let me live in oblivion till’ five days before when he¬†revealed that we were going on a staycation in Nacka.

Met him up by Dramaten, with butterflies in my belly and was stoked about going on a mini-adventure. We took the boat out to Nacka Strand, checked in at Hotel J, jumped in our king-size bed and then went and played tennis Рwhich was incredibly fun despite my competitive aggressive side that pops up whenever I smell competition.

“The more champagne in the sun, the more fun” as the old saying goes.

The evening spiraled down into something taken out of a tourist-book that you simply assume is photoshopped till death, but here’s a truth: it’s not. It’s reality.

That tower over there is Kaknästornet, which is situated a couple of hundred meters from where I live!


Fun fact: Our first picture together, ever, was taken by a German/Russian/not quite sure who was there on the pier with his wife to revisit their engagement-spot. Hence, I took a picture of them and they took one of us. Look how beautiful it became…


HAHA. I find it hilarious. Luckily the second one came out pretty cute.


We headed back to the hotel and did this, which I recommend – bubbles and whiskey.


A mini-adventure of sorts!


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Sweltering heat, Warmer humans

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Last Sunday we got on the plane from Accra to Tamale Airport. I got the strange sensation of that Camilla and I were wildlings and we were about to conquer the north, behind the wall. Because it is a wall, ¬†it seperates ¬†the “rich and the rich poverty” of Accra from extreme poverty in the northern parts of Ghana.

We embarked on ¬†a plane with AWA (Africa World Airlines), who’s tagline is:

“Touching Africa. Touching the World!!” Exactly like that, and I find those two!! exclamation marks to be hilarious.

We were lucky enough to get a cab with air condition, that made the one and a  half hour ride a pure bliss. My first impression of the north was all the police stops, men in uniforms with guns, the bargaining over toll and the young ladies running up to cars, attempting to sell their groceries. We bought three eggs.

My tummy was filled with butterflies, and when Camilla said: “Behind this hill is Karimenga!” they all flew out – finally we had arrived.

We arrived just before the sun set and when the cab drove into the village we were greeted by most of the villagers. It warmed my heart to see Camilla freakishly happy and to see how happy they were to see her. Her second family.

I was introduced to everyone, met the baba of the village, met Joshua (Cam’s friend and colleague) whom I have heard so much about, met the mama of our compound and was invited in to the room where we would sleep, in the building that Cam and the other’s have built.


I was baffled. Firstly because, never ever have I lived in that environment,  secondly  I could not grasp how Cam has spent over a year in the village in total. That all made sense the day after the sweatiest night of my life (sleeping under a tin roof in 43 degrees C is not to be recommended) and I saw her walking elegantly through the village as naturally as if it was her home, talking in FraFra with everyone she saw.

Joshua reading in Swedish from the snus. 

Needless to say, even though it is poor, the people are rich. I got the opportunity to jump into relationships that Cam has built with everyone under several years, and I got to listen to conversations and thoughts that I never would have been getting to partake in if it was not for Camilla and her ability to connect with whomever, whenever. They discussed death, love, conflicts, relationships, all those universal human factors that make us all able to converse and connect.

That first night they celebrated the baptising of a child, hence they played loud music and danced, unfortunately it was abruptly cut off because a woman in her forties died that same night. Death and life, all at once. Death gets very close there, they dig the graves themselves and bury the bodies in the village.

Camilla in her room, after dinner and before bedtime. 

Coming to Karimenga was¬†a first-hand experience of¬†the circle of life, in a manner that I’ve never had the privilege to see before. The community is built on relationships, trust, hard work, helping hands, love and a team-work out of this world. I am in awe by how hard they work, out in the fields in 45 degrees, and not one complaint.

Those were my first impressions, but not even all of them, and tomorrow I’ll write the continuation.


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Whiskey & Cards, Wine & Kisses

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Out of nowhere a charming human, with eyes as blue as the sea, with tattooed biceps¬†and the giggliest laughter ever heard, entered my life.The past couple of days we’ve taken¬†vacation from our chores and spent time together.

I believe that when crushing – give it all the time it needs because it is a rare thing¬†to fall and one better cherish it… Also, I am going to Ghana tomorrow for two weeks and so we felt we had to take our time to find time.

Two couples have gotten the urge to kiss each other when they’ve seen us kiss on the streets. One elderly couple found us all cuddled up on the train and they both said:

“AH!¬†The spring-love is blossoming!” The man added:

“It even makes ME¬†stimulated, here – GIVE ME A KISS!” And so he kissed his wife.

I believe that is the epitome of “spreading the love” ;).

IMG_0080.JPGYesterday we ate breakfast outside, sunbathed on the veranda and played tennis in the garden. We have played our own singing game and listened to music almost every second. My lips are red from all our kisses and my skin is soft from comfort and safety.

Tomorrow is a long sought after adventure coming up, although, these last four weeks have been an adventure in itself.

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Into The Way Out Secret Cosmic Grinda Island

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The 15th of August I, quite spontaneously, joined some of my classies to go to a one-day festival at Grinda. I had no idea what to expect and I guess I never could have expected what came before me¬†anyway. The day was amazing, a brilliant Swedish summer’s day, which turned into evening with booze and wine, which turned into night with loud music and starry skies. We ended up on a cliff stargazing and it was magical. We intended to go home but all the taxi-boat drivers were apparently fast asleep and so we slept underneath the tent which covered the restaurant-patio. Young and reckless ūüėČ


The boys teased Ash who did not want his glorious curls to get wet and determinedly splashed water on him…

IMG_1401IMG_1487IMG_1482 IMG_1496 IMG_1524 IMG_1565

This is where we slept. We collected blankets like ants collect needles and then we cuddled up in a 7-man spoon and slept till’ the sun hit our eyes. It was cold and cozy.

Tough Viking and No storage left

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When I don’t write for a long time it’s as if my brain stocks up on all the events, experiences and learnings, till’ right about now – when the storage is full. Then I need to RELEASE, like a wild waterfall released from a dam.

Last Saturday I ran Tough Viking and now my arms look like bruised meat, the front-camera does not make it justice :


Apart from being a dalmatian for days afterwards, the race was good fun! It was more convenient to run in 20¬įC than in 8¬įC as it was in England when my siblings and I ran Tough Guy. This time I ran with Isa, and the poor fella’ got so severely electrocuted by the 10000V obstacle that she face planted and twisted her wrist. She raced the finish line with a nose-bleed = TRUE VIKING!

I found the electricity to be extremely uncomfortable. I got shocked in my neck which lead to me tasting the dirt as well.

I recommend the race for anyone who is up for a dirty, fun, team-experience! Because it becomes a team-exercise due to all the different levels of fit people are on, we help each other. I don’t know what I would have done without the Superman-man who took a hold of my arm and literally swept me off of my feet and lifted me up onto the containers which were stacked upon each other. I send him good vibes forever.¬†

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The day before Hyper

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I was lucky last Sunday. I did not want to spend the day in nervous-excitement over beginning Hyper the day after, doing nothing. But luckily Elsa was heading to her family on Eker√∂ and I got to¬†come with her! Off we went and when we arrived the sun was shining, everything good, till’ BOOM the sky opened and that schizophrenic weather kept on going all afternoon, sun/rain/sun/storm/rain/sun. Sweden, you amaze me.

We headed to the Blue Lagoon, which was SO blue! Even bluer than blue. Nah jk… not that day but thank you saturation for fixing reality up.

IMG_0873 IMG_0905 IMG_0911 IMG_0927 IMG_0987 IMG_0997