10K 49.50min

The day before yesterday I went to the forest-trails to run 10K. I had no expectations what so ever, considering the fact that I have spent the past two years doing intervals and in the gym without even getting close to running longer distances. With Zara Larsson’s Sommarprat (which was great btw, articulate, clever and with that young tang to it) in my headphones, I took off.

The legs functioned perfectly – stronger than ever uphill, the lungs as well, and together with those rather important factors – my mind was in full on control-mode. Not one single “Oh Gosh I’m so tired” thought was allowed to enter my mind and affect my running.

To my astonishment the stopwatch, when the meters were ran, stopped and looked at me and said “49.50 min, WOW YOU’RE BACK IN THE GAME FOR REAL!!!”

I flew high on my endorphins that evening. Till’ the exhaustion kicked in and headache from hell came along. I guess that’s part of the game.


 From a road in Banyalbufar 😀

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