Involuntary Hoarder

Spending the day cleaning up all leftovers from a rather short life lived. 21 years to be exact. The amount of unnecessary stuff which just lies around in the house with absolutely no purpose at all. Broken headphones? Trash ’em. Old receipt? I’ll NEVER go back to the store anyway, T R A S H C A N. Small notes from when I was 5? Yeah cute, but let’s just take a photo and transfer it into the digital world for it to lay there and show my grandchildren. Or not. Trasheeet.

It’s a rather pleasant feeling to get rid of things and make room for the other things one actually enjoys having around. Other than that the day will be spent on Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Certification page, in Lightroom, and in the Photoshop. I roam around in my digital rooms learning, exploring, like Carl Von Linné himself did in the landscapes of the world to get his head around all there is to know.


BRB, I’m off to find that inner peace again, and throw some unnecessary thoughts while I’m in cleaning mode.

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