High in spirit

Back in my room, staring at the rain pouring rigorously, landing softly onto the newly sprung apples. 

What a change of environment and surroundings can do to one’s soul. With high spirits, tanned skin and sun in our eyes we landed here in Sweden. With us brought we the tingling knowledge of that 4 hours from Stockholm, the sun is constantly shining, the cicadas always serenading and the earth frantically burning.

At 5.45 this morning I awoke to break my fast and then headed out on a run before the flight. Same as yesterday. Those morning runs combined with swims in the Mediterranean, 2 hour walks in the terrain and loads of writing and reading – magical! But back to the runs. Running on roads whom lick the mountainside with an astonishing view over THE ocean, the ocean which holds many of my sweetest childhood vacation memories, that sensation along with burning feet, sweat and cute elderly men on their morning walks will fuel me till’ winter comes.


IMG_0571 IMG_0552 IMG_0434 IMG_0584 IMG_0588

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