First Day of School – Hyper Island, Digital Media Creative

The Hyper Island Way Week

50 new faces, voices, energies 

150 new life stories 

10 hours 

Those numbers sums up my first day at Hyper Island. I was beyond excited last night and this morning. I got about three hours of interrupted sleep. The urge to start took over.

The excitement is even stronger now, to get going for real, but things have been  added to it, a kind of gratefulness/happiness/relief/curiosity-state. 

I’ve encountered a ridiculous amount of life-destinies today and I am eager to get to dive deep into each and every one of them.

What a journey we have embarked on, me and my classmates. Soul-journeys and the obvious learning-journey

The only picture I took from today:


My brain feels like a mashed potato and I’m going to try and wind down. It is a funny feeling to be completely and utterly psychologically drained and still not being able to calm the f down… 😀

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