Fun times at Hyper + Our Manifesto

Last Friday was hilarious. Me and my team presented our manifesto = guidelines for how we want our time at Hyper to be and how we should be towards each other. An example: “The Mullet” – Business in the front, party in the back. Ok, two examples because they are funny and legit: “Eat challengeContinue reading “Fun times at Hyper + Our Manifesto”

Presentation Technique

To progress as a human it is fundamental to step out of ones comfort zones. It could be as simple as daring to walk up to a cute person in a bar or to present in front of X numbers of humans. Thanks to school I got to meet and learn from Ilene Sawka. AContinue reading “Presentation Technique”

UNICEF – First brief

An intense week at Hyper Island; “Ideation Week”. This is when we learn how to both build ideas but also narrow them down. This is the week when we got our FIRST BRIEF EVER from a real client! Stoked to say the least!…And it could not have been for a better cause either. We are bendingContinue reading “UNICEF – First brief”

Not Too Cool For School

 I have a crush on school. Lucky me to have a crush on something hehe. Today was sweet, we are working with the other programs for a couple of weeks and meeting some of those guys was great, although it felt rough to pop the solitude-bubble of my class…=( We got to take part ofContinue reading “Not Too Cool For School”

A Lazy Happy Content Wreck

Wow. What a week. I am too tired/hungover to write something even close to intelligent or reflective. But all and all, I could not be happier with how this week flourished into something ‘utterly brilliant I must say’! All my classies are amazing in their own way’s and the school is beyond anything I’ve everContinue reading “A Lazy Happy Content Wreck”

First Day of School – Hyper Island, Digital Media Creative

The Hyper Island Way Week 50 new faces, voices, energies  150 new life stories  10 hours  Those numbers sums up my first day at Hyper Island. I was beyond excited last night and this morning. I got about three hours of interrupted sleep. The urge to start took over. The excitement is even stronger now,Continue reading “First Day of School – Hyper Island, Digital Media Creative”