After an intense week at Hyper with new impressions, new humans, new everything, I got to sit and chat with mom for a while before I went to Tanto with classies and folks from other classes to drink some wine and win(e)d down. When the sun set we headed to Debaser and everywhere I looked there were people from HI. We polluted that place! The class “above” us was there too and hearing their stories from their year at HI made me even more excited about what’s to come. Headed home when the night was still young but ended up with a headache and a zombie-head today anyway… Mom brought me out into the trails and I did 6x3min intervals. T’was funny because my body was wide awake during the intervals and I felt strong, but my mind was sleeping and I YAWNED during the intervals. Wtf.

Tonight I met up with Sonji, Fan, Max and Farr, it was very well needed to meet friends whom know one inside&out. Needless to say, meeting new people everyday in school makes the social brain go haywire, in a good way. 🙂


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