The Aged Me

I sense her vaguely. She’s is strong, vulnerable, sensible and wise. She knows things. She laughs a lot, cries a lot for she finds life overwhelming and beautiful at the same time. Had I met her today she would have hugged me, told me not to think too much. She is loving. She has a calm, an obvious place on earth, people are naturally drawn to her because of that. She is a mother, she is successful. Everything is in place. She is anxious sometimes but most of all she’s everything above.

Perhaps this is a dream-scenario. Maybe I’ll always have the same thoughts as I do now. Even though time is passing, maybe the mind remains more or less the same. I envy her calm demeanors, like as if nothing can touch her unless she decides to. I hope we’ll meet one day and that my inner demons of today are with her but not as substantial. That she fears naught and has embraced the power she has always felt from within.

One day we will meet, I’ll make sure of that.

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