Tough Viking and No storage left

When I don’t write for a long time it’s as if my brain stocks up on all the events, experiences and learnings, till’ right about now – when the storage is full. Then I need to RELEASE, like a wild waterfall released from a dam.

Last Saturday I ran Tough Viking and now my arms look like bruised meat, the front-camera does not make it justice :


Apart from being a dalmatian for days afterwards, the race was good fun! It was more convenient to run in 20°C than in 8°C as it was in England when my siblings and I ran Tough Guy. This time I ran with Isa, and the poor fella’ got so severely electrocuted by the 10000V obstacle that she face planted and twisted her wrist. She raced the finish line with a nose-bleed = TRUE VIKING!

I found the electricity to be extremely uncomfortable. I got shocked in my neck which lead to me tasting the dirt as well.

I recommend the race for anyone who is up for a dirty, fun, team-experience! Because it becomes a team-exercise due to all the different levels of fit people are on, we help each other. I don’t know what I would have done without the Superman-man who took a hold of my arm and literally swept me off of my feet and lifted me up onto the containers which were stacked upon each other. I send him good vibes forever. 

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