Susan Miller Horoscope

The last couple of months I’ve read my horoscope via Susan Miller. I don’t know why I do it, maybe because it’s intriguing to get a hunch of what the future holds?

According to the stars and planets, September holds incredible career-opportunities for a Sagittarius like me. Thus far, I have to admit, the horoscope has been weirdly accurate. I kicked this month off with the third interview of four for an exciting job and today I received a phone call from a casting agent who told me I’ve landed my second commercial-job.

Maybe I should wish upon a star more often? 

On a more serious note, as a firm believer in Law of Attraction, I do think that the positive predictions in a horoscope may encourage one’s mind to think more about it and because of that make it happen, or at least get closer to one’s goals.

It can’t hurt can it…

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